"It's diamond, diamond..."

Diamond is a parody of Rebecca Black's infamous song "Friday." It was created by JtheSmizz and uploaded on June 9, 2011. Everything in the video, including animation and vocals, were done by the channel itself.

It has over 5 million views. The song is about Steve singing in victory when he finds diamonds; a creeper also joins in with a rap.


[Verse 1]

7 AM waking up in the morning, gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs,

Gotta make a pole, gotta get my fish on,

Fishin' all day, the sun is goin',

Settin', further down, monsters are spawning,

Gotta get down to the minetracks,

Gotta catch my cart, I see my friends (My friends),

Chicken in the front seat, piggy in the back seat,

Gotta make my mind up-which seat can I take?


It's diamond, diamond, gotta get me some diamond,

Never thought that I would ever find it, find it,

Diamond, diamond, gettin' me some diamond,

I'll grab my pick and now I will mine it,

Diggin' and diggin' (Yeah!),

Minin' and minin' (Yeah!), 

Fun, fun, fun, fun, mining up some diamond,

[Verse 2]

Now it's night time, we're flying down the minetracks,

Crusin' so fast, got no time for sheep,

Coal, coal, way too much coal, 

I've got so much of it, 

I mined this long dark pit,

Some iron on my right, 

Let's get out, let's go now, I see monsters,

Zombie in the cavern, spider on the ceiling,

Gotta get my sword out, 

Get ready to taste my blade,

[Repeat Chorus]


Yesterday we hit gold ore, gold ore,

Today we struck diamond, diamond,

I-I-I fell in lava, oh God I'm burning,

I gotta pour some water on me, 

One day I'll get obsidian, 

And got to the Nether,

I just wanna chill with pigmen!

[Rap Verse] 

M-C, Minecraft,

See me creepin all around now (all around now), 

Behind your back now (back now),

I'm creepin', hissin',

Big walls will all fall,

I blow up when I decide (Woo!),

Passin' time riding minecarts, it's a hobby,

Go sss, sss, boom, boom, make you scream,

Check the mine, it's diamond, strickly speakin',

I gotta get some, c'mon, c'mon y'all,

[Repeat Chorus]


"Diamond" - Minecraft parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday"

"Diamond" - Minecraft parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday"