"Creep-ing A-bout...

Flee For Your Life is a parody of Queen's song "Don't Stop Me Now". It was created by CavemanFilms and uploaded on August 10, 2013

Volcas were done by Micheal Rumple and Animation/Storyboard were done by ChewToons.

Lyrics Edit

At night, when the sun's gone down,  All seems quiet, but that's just a lie. 

And outside of my wooden house, yeah.  Creatures that lust for human blood are: 

Creep-ing A-bout!  Creep-ing A-bout!  They all lurk in the darkness; great power they harness! 

Monsters are swarming my front yard,  filled with malice, coordinating with hissing! 

I pear outside, they are on my porch, in my windows!  I have to hope, hope, hope there's something for me! 

I can use to save my hide with!  I look desperately, I'm fearing for the end of my life! 

And then the creature creeps up behind, explodes  and sends me flying across the room! 

Run through the yard!  Won't take a look behind me, won't break my stride! 

Flee for you life!  Yeah I'm ducking through arrows, a constant barrage! 

You can't stop now!  If I'm going to survive! 

Just don't slow down!  If I make it to sunrise, 

I won't be the one to fall, yeah! 

This can't possibly be the end of me,  I might be terrified, but I know that I will never succumb! 

I've got to get away, away from this threat!  Or regret it! 

I've got to run, run, run to the nearest town!  And tell them all about, 

The army of creeps that have gathered and mobilized!  They can put an end to my flight! 

Hurry close the gates, we've only got a moment or two! 

They're coming! (x3)  CRAFT SOME ARMOR! 

They're coming! (x2)  DIAMOND TOOLS! 

They're coming! (x2)  GET YOUR BOWS OUT, BOWS OUT! 

They're coming! (x2)  Whoaaaa-They're HERE!!!!! 

Oh, swords swinging around yeah,  there's no feeling of peace, the battlefields full of strife! 

Everybody's fighting for their life!  We've turned the tides, and now there's only a few! 

All through the night!  We're having such a good fight, we're having a brawl! 

They feel our might!  Creepers, skeletons, and zombies, we're fighting them all! 

You won't stop now!  We're going to survive! 

You won't slow down!  We've almost made it sunrise! 

We'll finally defeat them all!