Gilbert The Snowman
Album Hark! T'is What Thou Refers To As Yogmas!
Featuring Zoey Proasheck (vocals)
Time 1:52
Date Published 19 December, 2012

Gilbert The Snowman is a Minecraft parody of the song "Frosty the Snowman". The song was witten and sung by Yogscast member Zoey for HoneyDew's Honey Drive and Christmas. It is based on a snow golem named Gilbert she made in Rythian's Tekkit series.

The song is found in the album Hark! T'is What Thou Refers To As Yogmas!.


Gilbert the Snowman has a pumpkin for a head,

and it's Christmas time so I'll do my best to make sure he's not dead!

Gilbert the Snowman, is a magic spell they say,

and he's made of snow and the mooshrooms know when he came to life that day.

There must have been some redstone in that pumpkin head we found,

for when I placed it on the snow he began to mope around.

Gilbert the Snowman knew though he was sad that day,

I said: "It's Christmas time - it'll all be fine - so don't you be that way!"

Into the castle with presents in our hands,

we were having fun and he didn't run 'cause he's our little snowman.

Gilbert the Snowman had to go back to his place,

so he turned aroundbut he didn't frown, he had a smile on his face!


  • The Youtube video has over 300,000 views.


Gilbert The Snowman - A Tekkit Music Video

Gilbert The Snowman - A Tekkit Music Video