Hotel Herobrine is a parody of The Eagles's "Hotel California." It was created by M&R Studios in 2014.

Lyrics Edit

In a dark desert village

Spider webs in my hair

Warm smell of cacti

rising up through the air

Up ahead in the distance

I saw blank white eyes

His eyes were heavy and my screen went dim

I ran away in the night

There he stood in a doorway

I heard a sound from the nether

I soon thought to myself

I went but I new better

Than he flipped up a lever

A he showed me the way

Then I heard moans in the corridor\

I thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel Herobrine

You can't grief in this place

You can't grief in this place

Be careful who you show your face

Much to do at the Hotel Herobrine

No leaving dear

No leaving dear

You will always be here

My fate was deffiently twisted

I guess my escape depends

If he puts a lot of pity, pity, on people he calls friends

I followed him out to the courtyard

I started to sweat

This is the last i'll remember

And I'll never forget

So I pulled out my weapon

Please spare my life

We have not had those words here

since Beta 1.9

Still those moans are calling from farrrrraway

I lunged at him with all my might

Then I heard him say

Welcome to the Hotel Herobrine

He was above me now

He was above me now

Then I saw his bright eyed face

Fighting it up at the Hotel Herobrine

What a shock surprise

What a shock surprise

Oh I hate your eyes

Then I fell through the ceiling

Into a silverfish dungeon

He said you are now a prisoner here

He led me to his chambers

To gather re the "Feast"

Then I stabbed him with a diamond knife

You just can't kill me

Last thing I remember

I was running for the iron door

I had to find the escape

But I was followed the madman

That way leads to the sea

You can check your mini map anytime you like

But you just can't ever leave