I Can Swing my Sword!
SwingSword cover
Album I Can Swing My Sword! (feat. Terabrite)
Featuring Tobuscus (vocals and written music)
Time 1:17
Date Published 11 April, 2012

I Can Swing my Sword is a Minecraft song writting, produced and sung by Tobuscus. It is animated by Gonzossm (Youtube)


Do you like my sword, sword?
Sword, my diamond sword, sword

You can not afford, 'ford
For, my diamond sword, sword
Even if you could, could
I have a patent!

No one else can make a sword
Exactly in this manner, manner
Welcome to my manor, manor
I ca ca ca canna canna

Swing, swing, swing my sword, sword
Whenever I get bored, bored
I can swing my sword, sword
I can swing my sword, sword!

Once I hit the floor boards
But I had it restored
And it was expensive
But it was a write off!

Swinging is my business
And by that I mean swinging swords
Please do not ignore
Do you like my sword?


That was rhetorical
You know I am the oracle
I know you like my sword
It's made of dam' diamonds

If you don't you're lying
But that would be fine
Because it is awesome
And you're probably jealous!

I can swing my sword, sword
'Cause I am the lord, lord

Lord of diamond swooooorrrrrddddssssah!


  • The Youtube video has over 60 million views.


I CAN SWING MY SWORD! (Minecraft Song)

I CAN SWING MY SWORD! (Minecraft Song)