In Search of Diamonds is a Minecraft song written and performed by Eric Fullerton of the Dead Workers Party. The song follows the story of a Minecraft player who is searching for diamonds. It is one of the oldest Minecraft songs, with the music video having over 12 million views and 110 thousand likes as of August 2020.

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Woke up this morning on the beach,

Started walking, it's my regular routine.

I was on the search for some diamonds,

Let me tell you just what I've seen.

I saw...

a castle with a view,

fields of bamboo,

guy from Kung Fu,

a giant screw,

a kangaroo,

some chicken stew,

and the woman who lived in a shoe.

I saw...

a white whale,

the holy grail,

Pirate ships without a sail,

air mail,

volcano fail,

pyramids not to scale,

and some things I should not go into detail.

You never know what you will find

shaping a world that's in your mind.

See for yourself and walk with me

A world of wonder, a land of beauty.

Across the mountains and over the sea

but I still haven't found any diamonds.

I've been walking around for miles,

still no diamonds to be found.

Maybe I should look underground.

I started digging a hole,

drilling through dirt, then I fell through,

landed in some water.

What have I gotten myself into?

I saw...

Lava lake near the core,

Kratos from God of War

mushroom spore,

liquor store,

statue of dumbledore.

Wooden shed with a bed,

spiders and the undead,


loaf of bread,

giant spool of golden thread.

I saw a sparkle in the dark.

I put my axe right through that mark.

At last found me some diamonds.

Oh I'm so happy I could ride a pig!

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