"I play Minecraft like a sir!"

Like a Sir is a parody of PSY's famous song "Gentleman." It was created by GameChap and uploaded on June 15, 2013. It currently has over 3 million views. The song is about a gentleman who enjoys griefing and looking for girls.

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]

I've been in the mine digging iron, gold, and diamonds, too

But what I can't find is the ladies and I have no clue.

Got them on my mind, pretty lady gonna find you, hey,

Dynamite is primed, I like I-I-I-like kaboom, hey!

You callin' me a griefer, but I never blew up anything but a creeper.

Hey now, who's this girl, someone just turned up the heater.

I think she's hot enough to set the house alight, can I keep her?

Oh man, now that's a pretty sight! (ah)


I, I, I say, I, I, I say

I, I, I, say, I play Minecraft like a sir!

I say, I, I say,

I say, I play Minecraft like a sir!

I say, I, I say,

I say, I play Minecraft like a sir!

[Verse 2]

Got some fancy tricks, yeah, potions, enchants, and a pearl,

Mansion made of bricks, yeah, its the finest in the world.

But all my mouse clicks can't seem to find me any legs,

I get all the chicks, but mostly they just lay me eggs.

I gotta pull a lever, shoot some arrows and a lava bucket too,

Wasn't me sir (yeah, griefing, feeling good, lovely view).

Now I see her, she's got a big bow with a shiny glow, can I keep her?

Oh man, looks like it's time to go! (ah)

[Repeat Chorus]


Gonna find your chest, gonna grief the rest,

You know that I can, best hide,

(ah) Gonna be your guest,

(ah) I bet you're impressed,

(ah) I'm a gentleman, (ah) guess why?

guess why, guess why,

guess why, why, why, why

I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I say, I play Minecraft like a sir!