Minecraft Christmas is a song released by Area 11 from the Yogscast on the 15th December, 2012. The song is part of the Charity Donation Livestreams on the 2012 Christmas as it suggests in the video description. The portions of the video that take place in "reality" were animated by Fredrik Malmhake and the portions that take place in Minecraft were animated by Ciaran Askew.

The song was released in the album Hark! T'is What Thou Refers To As Yogsmas!

Plot and SummaryEdit

The song mainly features Steve, who, in the song, has lost his job and is all alone at home. He also has to pay bills, which he cannot afford to pay. He has electricity but no internet so he decides to play single-player Minecraft. He enters a seed and spawns in a snowy biome. Steve makes a snow golem, who he takes in as a friend.

They play many games in the snow and build many structures. After they are tired out and go home, the snow golem cooks some Christmas foods in a furnace while the exhausted Steve sleeps.

When he wakes up, he sadly finds that the snow golem has melted due to the heat. He switches off the computer and goes to sleep.

In the morning, he receives a text from his Dad saying that he has restored Steve's internet and he goes on the server and meets other members of the Yogscast. They exchange gifts and dance around the Christmas tree.

Steve suddenly sees many new snow golems around and makes a new friend with one. They happily celebrate the Christmas and the song ends with everyone satisfied.


♪ Minecraft Christmas - Original Song by Area 11 feat Simon

♪ Minecraft Christmas - Original Song by Area 11 feat Simon


It's Christmas Eve but no snow's falling down
I'm all alone, no, there's no one around
Can't pay my bills 'cause I lost my job
I still got power but my internet's off
I hate this world, but I love this new seed
Spawn in a forest, with snow on the floor
Could this be the Christmas I was searching for?

My mates went away and they didn't invite me
My parents aren't dead, no, they juw and a pumpkin together
I've made a friend who'll be with me forever

'Cause it's a Minecraft Christmas time
Chillin' with my buddy even though I'm offline
There's a whole world of joy and cheer
That's a very, very, very nice Christmas you're havin' this year

We built a house, well it's more of a shack
I've got the wood and he's got my back
He throws his balls at the mobs so unruly
I decked the halls with this lapis lazuli
We ventured out, just my snowman and me
We found a sapling for a Christmas tree (Christmas tree!)
We skipped back home so happy and gay
No, wait, I meant that in the old fashioned way

We had a roast chicken 'cause the game's not got turkey
We made mashed potatoes from the squids, they're so derpy
But the furnace was hot and when I awoke I found
Fifteen little snowballs lying there on the ground

'Cause it's a Minecraft Christmas time
Nothing seems cheery now my buddy has died
There's a whole world of pain and fear
It's a very, very, very bad Christmas I'm having this year

There goes my phone, it's a text from my dad (Merry Christmas, son!)
For an early gift, he got my internet back
Hop on the server, all my friends are online
Turns out they've been waiting for me all of this time

Spawn into the world, and what do I see?
A snowman party for my homies and me
Exchanging gifts and dancing without a care
Me and my snowman, we're walking in the air!

It's a Minecraft Christmas time
Chillin' with my buddies everyone is online
There's a whole world of joy and cheer
That's a very, very, very nice Christmas...
'Cause its a Minecraft Christmas time
Chillin' with my buddies, everyone is online
There's a whole world of joy and cheer
That's a very, very, very nice Christmas you're having,
A very, very, very nice Christmas
A very, very, very nice Christmas we're having this year
(Be a shame if something were to happen to it)


  • Up until the last few days of production, the animators were under the impression that the main character was supposed to be Sparkles*. However they were corrected by Sparkles* and told the character is supposed to be Steve. This resulted in Sparkles* having to be added into the group shot last second which is why he is last in the line.
  • The paintings inside the house seen throughout the video where created by both FredMalm and Ceeraanoo and added in at the last minute.
  • The painting of a pipe behind Steve and the snow golem during the dinner scene is based on "The Treachery of Imagery" which is one of FredMalm's favorite paintings.
  • The painting above Steve's bed when he wakes up is suppsed to be a "family of shoes" and was inspired from a suggestion on Ceeraanoo's twitter when he asked his followers "what paintings he should draw".
  • The seed mentioned in the song, 68954012663, is an actual seed of a "snowy Taiga biome".
  • The Youtube video has 4 million views.
  • The song peaked at 69th place on the official chart.
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