Nether Reaches is a Minecraft parody of Stitches by Shawn Mendes, and the sequel to The Last Stand. The music video was created by Radapedaxa (now CubeWorks) and uploaded on 23 September 2016. As of May 2020, it has over 11 million views and 72 thousand likes.

Plot Edit

Several days after the events of The Last Stand, the deuteragonist of Gold stands observing the scene of his brother's battle against Herobrine, several patches of his skin missing from the creeper explosion in Gold. Crafting a diamond chestplate and equipping a diamond sword, the character ventures into the Nether on a quest to save his imprisoned brother. and is immediately awestruck by the flaming wonders of the hellish realm.

Suddenly, two hostile Zombie Pigmen approach him with threatening golden blades and a monstrous ghast fires a merciless fireball at him. Deflecting the first fireball and killing the ghast with the second, he trespasses the Nether Fortress where his brother is held captive, killing two towering Wither Skeletons and an attacking blaze to enter it.

Inside the Nether Fortress, the character challenges the gigantic Wither Knight holding his brother captive, his brother worryingly looking on. Suddenly the Wither strikes its monstrous, dark sword; the character expertly dodging and plunging his sword deep into his opponent's knee while it struggles to lift up its large, heavy sword. As the Wither Knight howls in pain, he punches the protagonist into the bloodred Netherbrick wall, bestowing the Wither Curse onto him. As the character screams in pain, his brother is fueled by adrenaline and turns to the sword his brother lost in the fight. As the character struggles to endure the agony, he looks in horror as his brother climbs onto the howling Wither and plunges the sword deep into its back, making it explode in a white flash.

Thus the Herobrine Parody Series ends in a cliffhanger.

Trivia Edit

  • An interesting point which CubeWorks has acknowledged is that the sword which the protagonist wields frequently changes ore. It changes from diamond, to iron to gold


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