Raiders is a parody of the song Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey. The animated music video for the song was created by Radapedaxa and uploaded onto YouTube on 30 January 2017. Lead vocals are done by Nacho Martin, audio mixing by DragDuo, and animation by Radapedaxa himself.

The music video has over 43 million views and 270 thousand likes as of July 2020. It is the fourth in Radapedaxa's Herobrine Parody Series, preceded by Monster Crew and followed by Nether Reaches.

Plot Edit

After the events of Take Me Down (ending with Herobrine being defeated by Entity 303), Herobrine has respawned and created an undead army of mobs (as shown in Monster Crew). The army sails to the island village shown at the end of Monster Crew and marches into its centre, massacring the warriors and stealing the town riches. Afterward, they depart and celebrate their victory.

Herobrine comes across an islander galleon and launches a ramming attack on it. He attempts to kill the captain belowdecks, but the captain detonates a TNT arsenal, blowing up the galleon and killing Herobrine and his army. Back underground, Herobrine respawns defeated but comes across mining equipment and torches leading to the surface. He builds another army and marches to the surface.

It is revealed that Raiders is really Gold told from the villain's perspective. The final battle commences, with Herobrine destroying the village that took "his" gold from the mine. In the end, the protagonist of Gold pushes a creeper into Herobrine, killing him again and saving his brother (who Herobrine was about to kill)

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]

Hey, you're all acting so weak until I trained you,

Can't even fight, and that's the issue,

Now it's OK, hey.

Hey, we tell our foes it was nice to meet them,

But I'll guess we'll never see them again.


We wish upon the stars,

Crossed through the biomes in a singing march,

And through years we fall,

Now I'm getting stronger with these battle scars,

And I, I, I, I, I, can't stop,

No I, I, I, I, I, can't stop,


Our enemies will cower,

From my larges forces and power,

We're equipped with diamond swords,

And an arsenal of creepers,

An army of undead fighters,

And archers made out of bones,

We are always getting stronger,

Every raid we're getting richer (3×, with dance music in between)

[Verse 2]

We, we took them down like the frail, without truce,

Victory is that what seems true,

Yeah, we won't fail.

Slay, and play that creepy Disk 13 song,

That we won't forget in time long, OK.

[Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Every raid we're getting richer! (10×)

Every raid we're getting richer (3×, with dance music in between until end)

Video Edit

♪"Raiders - Minecraft Parody of Closer by The Chainsmokers" ♫ (ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO)

♪"Raiders - Minecraft Parody of Closer by The Chainsmokers" ♫ (ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO)

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