Rain Allen Olaguer, better known by his YouTube names Rainimator and CubeWorks, formerly Radapedaxa, is a Filipino animator, gamer, and creator of Minecraft videos. He started his channel on 10 May 2011 and has become known for his Minecraft gaming videos and parody songs.

About Edit

  • Rain is a high school senior and aspiring programmer/animator
  • His first videos consisted of him playing GTA, Gmod, and Pokemon; however, these have since been eclipsed by the popularity of his Minecraft videos
  • As of June 2017 his old channel had over 450,000 subscribers

Change of Name: Two Channels: Edit

Around late-2017, Rain opened a new channel called Rainimator. His old channel, Radapedaxa, was changed into CubeWorks, which features top Minecraft songs. It is unknown if CubeWorks is Radapedaxa with a new name, or another channel that bought his songs (as all references to Rain are gone from the channel).

Herobrine Parody Series Edit

Rain has created a series of parody songs informally known as the Herobrine Parody Series. These videos, when watched in order, tell the story of Herobrine and his attempts to conquer Minecraftia with a mob army. The Herobrine series was arguably Rain's breakout event, earning his channel tens of thousands of subscribers.

The Herobrine series, in order:

  1. Herobrine's Life
  2. Take Me Down
  3. Monster Crew
  4. Raiders
  5. Gold
  6. The Last Stand
  7. Nether Reaches

Rain often adds new videos to the storyline, either as prequels to existing ones or part of a spin-off using the Herobrine Universe.

Songs as Radapedaxa Edit

Season 1: Herobrine's Revenge Edit

As Rainimator, he made a new Minecraft Music video series centering on Rain, where he tries to face the challenges of the world as mankind is forced to the brink of extinction. The first season focuses on the fight against Herobrine and the undead.

  1. The Struggle
  2. Cold as Ice
  3. We are the Danger
  4. Just So You Know
  5. Goodbye

Season 2: The Last Ender Watcher Edit

The second season of the series. Naeus is crowned the new ruler of the Horde and takes Dragonspire, killing most of the Ender Watchers in the process. A desperate Zeganirn entrusts the Artifacts to Rain and Stella, and the Netherbane and the Frostbourne unite in a final stand against the Nether Horde.

  1. Wings of Salvation
  2. Hard Pill to Swallow
  3. Wither Heart
  4. Ender Wish
  5. Wishing Dead
  6. Falling
  7. Cold as Ice (Remix)

Special Episodes Edit

Rainimator made several special episodes as lore fillers.

  1. 1 of a Kind
  2. Begin Again
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