TNT is a parody of the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz. It was written and produced by CaptainSparklez, with the music video uploaded onto YouTube on 26 February 2011. Vocals are sung by friend and fellow YouTuber TryHardNinja.

It is one of the oldest and well-known Minecraft song parodies, with the music video having over 110 million views and 1.1 million likes as of August 2020.

Copyright issues

After spending 2 years as a private video, CaptainSparklez rewrote the song so it was no longer a parody, and de-privatized the video. Revenge was rewritten in a similar manner. This was due to copyright issues at the time. Reaction to CaptainSparklez making TNT an original song was generally mixed to negative, as fans had grown up loving his parody versions.

As of October 2018, the original parody version has been restored (much to fans' delight).


  • The original YouTube video had over 75 million views before it was made private.

Song/Music Video Credits


[Verse 1] (Steve)

I came to dig, dig, dig, dig,

I'll build a city, yeah, so big, big, big, big,

Just wait a sec, gotta kill this pig, pig, pig, pig,

Cook me some bacon and take a swig, swig, swig, swig,

Yeah, yeah,

There must be something I can craft

To ease the burden of this task.



I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes,

Saying ay-oh, that creeper's KO'd,

Loot his remains and now his sulfur's mine,

Saying ay-oh, not today, no,

And then I'll go to work

Under the birch tree,

And I'll make myself

Tons of TNT.

Cause I'll use these blocks,

I'll build a big city,

And I'll mine it all

Using TNT.

[Verse 2] (Creeper)

I came to blow, blow, blow, blow,

Up everything you've ever known, known, known, known,

Expel you out of house and home, home, home, home,

Biome to biome you shall roam, roam, roam, roam,

Yeah, yeah,

Cause I'm a creeper, I will rob

All of your items- that's my job.


[Chorus 2] (Steve)

I shoot my arrows in the air sometimes

Saying ay-oh, that creeper's KO'd,

T-bag his ghost and now his sulfur's mine,

Saying ay-oh, MLG, pro,

And then I'll head back home,

Where I'll smile with glee,

That now I can make

Lot's of TNT.

Cause I rule my world

Made in 3 by 3,

Imma blow stuff up

With my TNT.


I'm gonna blow it all up,

Every mountain, every valley,

Ruler of the world, yup,

All of the animals will fear me

Cause TNT is awesome,

And TNT is just really cool,

Is just really cool.

I'm gonna shoot my arrows in the air, yeah,

Arrows in the air,

Shoot your arrows in the air-air-air-air-air-air...

*Enderman screams*

[Repeat Chorus 2]


"TNT" - A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz's Dynamite - Crafted Using Note Blocks

"TNT" - A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz's Dynamite - Crafted Using Note Blocks

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