"Don't get too close, I put traps inside..."

Where My Diamonds Hide is a parody of Imagine Dragons' song "Demons." It was created by MineworksAnimations and uploaded on August 19, 2013. It currently has over 14.5 million views.

The story starts off with two thieves stealing diamonds from a person's house. The victim of the robbery works hard to keep these robbers away from his house to prevent his diamonds from being stolen again by using traps.

Lyrics Edit

[Verse 1]

When the days are ending

And iron's smelting,

The dreams we see

While we're sound asleep.

And the thieves' chain mail

Helped them tread through hell,

All of my traps failed,

Now my ores run stale.

I wanna hide my stuff

So they won't have a clue,

Cause fate has not been kind,

Need a place they won't find.

Even when they don't need

They still are made of greed.

How could I be so dumb? How could I be so dumb?


I put it in my house,

I thought it would be safe,

It's where my diamonds hide, it's where my diamonds hide.

Don't get too close,

I put traps inside,

It's where my diamonds hide, it's where my diamonds hide.

[Verse 2]

So I learned my lesson

And moved my chest,

And I crafted weapons

You won't suspect.

So I dug a hole

And I set my trap,

When you think you've won,

Justice will be done.

And you won't get my stuff,

Cause you don't have a clue,

And finally fate's been kind,

Cause you blew up this time.

Even when you don't need

You still are made of greed,

This time I won't be dumb, this time I won't be dumb.

[Repeat Chorus]


You don't know how you died,

All you can do is cry,

Cause you don't know where my,

Where my diamonds hide.

Explosion was so loud,

I heard it from my house,

You oughta know by now,

I'll never show you how!

[Repeat Chorus]