Lewis Brindley
Simon Lane
Hannah Rutherford
Duncan Jones
Chris Lovasz
Paul Sykes
Kim Richards
Joakim Hellstrand
Zoey Proasheck
Liam J. MacKay
Martyn Littlewood
William Strife
Keith Steinbach
Hat Films
Dead Workers Party
Area 11
Toby Cottrell
Mark Turpin
Sam Thorne
John Cochrane
Dave Bagnall
Pyrion Flax
Rick Van Laanen
Steven Goates
Alex Parvis
Established 2008
YouTube Channel
Type YouTube network
Nationality Majority British
Musical Works Form this Way (made by Martyn prior to his joining)
Screw The Nether
O' Rubber Tree
Sjin and Duncan Are Going To Die
Gilbert The Snowman
Minecraft Christmas (with Area 11)
Diggy Diggy Hole
Hey Yogscast (Fan made)
How Do I Craft This Again

The Yogscast is group of Youtubers founded by Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane. Their group consists of Youtubers who play Minecraft videos and many other games. They have been responsible for uploading Form this Way and helped produce and sing Screw The Nether along side Martyn Littlewood.

It is currently the largest British-base YouTube network, and has accumulated millions of subscribers.

Members That Made Minecraft SongsEdit

  • Lewis Brindey
  • Simon Lane
  • Duncan Jones
  • Martyn Littlewood
  • Joakim Hellstrand
  • Zoey Proasheck
  • Area 11



  • The Yogscast's main channel is #13 in Youtube's top 100 most subscribed.